Give the gift of healing touch

Gift certificates are typically emailed to the gifter so they either print it out or forward it via email to the recipient.
All gift certificates expire after three months, are non-transferable, and instructions for booking the session are on the gift certificate.
The rate paid for the gift certificate is NOT written on it.

Gift certificates are offered in the same time increments offered in studio:

70 minutes $150-$170
90 minutes $180-$220
120 minutes $250-$290 

Gratuity is appreciated but not necessary.
Preferred modes of payment; $cash$, Apple Pay, Zelle

Venmo, Paypal and Square are accepted with a 3.8% surcharge.
Please email Rebeca with;
Name of gift giver
Name of gift certificate recipient
The length of session you’ll be gifting
Rate you’ll be paying for this gift.