Alchemy Massage & Movement Therapy

    Massage therapy and Acu-Yoga for Women and the LGBTQ community
Corporate Massage and for men by referral     

Transforming your stress into strength,
with therapeutic massage therapy and the healing science of Yoga .

Specializing in

Out-call massage therapy sessions for Women and the LGBTQ community, in the comfort of your home. Specifically tailored sessions for your individual needs.
Corporate Massage services for your company, business, or shared work space.
Men seen by referral only.

Schedule an individual or group Acu-Yoga class.  
Learn the healing power at your finger tips; holding acupressure points in yoga postures, while practicing breathing techniques.  
Simple and transformative.


Benefits of regular Massage Therapy
Relief & Improvement of:

• Acute pain (headache, pre- and postoperative); chronic back and neck
pain; bone, joint, and muscle pain; nerve impingement pain (sciatica, carpal
tunnel); noninflammatory pain.

• Balance, range of motion, flexibility.

• Circulatory disorders.

• Constipation, other digestive disorders.

• Fibromyalgia.

• Immune function.

• Loss of sleep, insomnia

Collaborative Healing

  I seek to develop relationshhips with my clients.
A synergic, dynamic collaboration: each healing session builds upon the previous as I learn more about your physical body, how and where it holds tension and memory.
 As you become more skilled in releasing, letting go, Inhaling and Exhaling the knotted, constricted places, and deeper healing, relaxation and rejuvenation is achieved.
A partnership in your path to relief, joy and balanced health.