Alchemy Massage and Movement Therapy

Transforming your stress into Strength

with therapeutic massage therapy and the healing science of Yoga

We are currently taking in person appointments,
one client per day
(every 24 hours).

June - December 2020

Time is the best and most cost effective disinfectant.

My Efforts to Protect our Wellbeing

I am scheduling clients now with a time span of 24 hours minimum between appointments.
As is my usual custom, all sheets and blankets are laundered after each session and surfaces anti-bacterialized. 
I use EPA registered disinfectants specific to  SARSCoV-2 (virus that causes Covis-19).
I wear an  N-95 mask for the entire duration of your appointment.  
Please click on the below link for a full description of updates to safety procedures I'm instituting in my practice at this time.
You'll be asked to sign a Covid-19 related waiver prior to your massage.


You're Part

I ask that clients please bathe before their sessions and wear a mask up upon arriving and throughout the massage therapy session.
Arrival Procedure: When you arrive at the massage studio I will follow a strict protocol to ensure your safety and mine:
Please wait in your car.
I will send you a text message when I’m ready for you to come in.
Please wear your face covering. I will greet you at the door and take your temperature with a no-touch thermal temperature reader to make sure you don't have a fever.
I'll ask that you sign a Covid-19 Respitory Intake Release Form.
If you have a fever or symptoms of illness we will reschedule your massage session to a later date.
I will ensure that you have a proper facemask and ask you to clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Should you not have a proper facemask, I will provide one. While COVID-19 is present in the community we will limit talking to only communication necessary for ensuring a comfortable and safe massage.
If you develop symptoms of illness or test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of your massage session, please call me immediately.

I will follow up to check in on your health 1 week and 2 weeks after your session. When you arrive at the studio, please wait in your car until I text you.


Call or Text To Book

Please call or text me directly to book a massage therapy session of  70 or 90 minutes.

All sessions are at my studio located inside the Oakland Acupuncture Project's Laurel Clinic.
3576 Laurel Ave.
Oakland Ca. 94602

I'm unable to offer Low Income Honor Scale or Healing Scholarship Appointments until further notice.


 I seek to develop relationships with my clients.
A synergistic, dynamic collaboration. 
Each healing session builds upon the previous as I learn more about your physical body, and how and where it holds tension and memory. 
You become more skilled in releasing, letting go, inhaling and exhaling the knotted, constricted places.
When this happens,  deeper healing, relaxation and rejuvenation is unfolds, your stress is alchemized into strength. 
Together we create a partnership in your path to relief, joy and balanced health.


Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy

After a brief intake, each massge therapy session is crafted to address the symptoms and experience of your body.  Applying an ayurvedic oil blend, a blend of Acupressure, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue will bring you ease, comfort, and relief.  Using the information you provide me, along with the information your body offers, your healing session unfolds.


Yoga Physical Therapy

Utilizing the science, and eight limbs of yoga, and an in depth knowledge of anatomy and movement, clients are muscle tested to determine active and inactive areas of the body and guided through targeted breath control exercises and postures, to strengthen, heal, improve, and optimize overall mobility and posture. 
Ideal for: chronic conditions, postural "deviations", post: natal, surgery or procedure recovery, pre surgery strengthening, adjustment  and transitioning to new physical diagnosis, depression, and more.


Connecting Virtually

In this time of uncertainty and distance let's summon some succor and sustenance in virutal community. Here's the deal, my own healing is intrinsically bound with yours. In this realm of the unknown, where even handshakes are prohibitive, I'm extending an invitation to you to connect with me in breathe, movement, and meditation. Together we can collectively summon, transmute, and create with whatever arises. The only way out is through. 
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