Low Income Honor Scale Opportunity for BIPOC Clients

Regarding Low Income Honor Scale

 I'm unable to offer Low Income Honor Scale or Healing Scholarship Appointments until further notice, however, in collaboration with Freedom Community Clinic (FCC)  I'm grateful to be offering Low Income Honor Scale massage therapy appointments for members of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. If you identify as BIPOC, click below to book a session with Rebeca!

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Freedom Community Clinic

"We address health issues that arise from structural and systemic poverty, racism, and inequality. We are Oakland-rooted and led by Womxn and Gender Non-Confirming People of Color.
We are each Creators, Healers, and Warriors who do this work because we witnessed our families, communities, and loved ones create their own methods of survival and love in spite of suffering from physical, mental, and/or spiritual anguish. All our healing services to the community are provided for free and/or at community scale. Rather than asking our communities to come to a sanitized, foreign, and unfamiliar setting, we go directly to our communities in the streets, their neighborhoods, cafes, youth centers, and freeway underpasses. "

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Hips as Center of the Universe
The pelvic girdle, the pelvic bowl, the hips, the center, the core. The 360 degree base of the spinal column, or the hips, is the cradle of our digestive and reproductive life. The hips can be a source of power, pain, disfunction, joy, harmony, and confounding bewilderment. In this four part workshop we'll utilize the mechanisms of Breathe and Movement to familiarize ourselves with the range, capacities, and dynamism of our hips. We'll open, stretch, strengthen, and explore, through anatomy, postures, flows, meditation and visualization. You'll walk away with tools to tend to your body and it's specific needs. No previous experience with Yoga is necessary, this workshop is accessible to all ages and movement levels.

It is suggested to attend all four classes, please select: Four Part Workshop Attendee.
Save $50 when you pay in full.

A limited number of scholarships are available, please email Rebeca directly with subject:
Healing Hips Scholarship to, [email protected]

If you wish to sign up for only one, two, or three workshop weekends please purchase tickets individually by date.