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Rebeca is a wonderful and talented massage therapist. I have had many massages since moving to Oakland and Rebeca is by far the best. I appreciated her energy, her technique and above all, how much time she spent attending to every area of my body. She walked me through a few great moves to practice on myself after and they have really helped me work through issues in my shoulders. I felt the difference in my body for several days afterward. I would highly recommend Rebeca to anyone searching for that perfect massage..


Ashley E.

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Rebeca is incredible. Top five massages of my life (and I've had many)--probably top three. She is intuitive and connects easily with her client's needs. She can go deep, but also treads carefully on the spots that are tender and holding too much stuff. She knows the body and body mechanics inside out and is willing to share her ideas about posture and wellness to maintain health. Highly, highly recommend without question. I'm telling everyone I know.


Hadley D.

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I highly recommend Rebecca. She has a strong intuitive sense to deeply connect with the body and mind while massaging. Best massage ever...  


Dipti A.

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AMAZING! I've been having trouble with sleep and stress; I live in my head and have been working to get more into my body. Rebeca really helped me tap into the areas that are holding stress, and helped me release some long-held tension. She is authentic, attentive, caring and intuitive about your needs. I was blown away by how much thought she gives to tailoring the massage to exactly what I needed. I felt blissful upon leaving and want many other people to experience the wonderful loving services Rebeca offers. What a gift she is!Add a description here 


Sara N.

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